AZCUE has been designing and manufacturing pumps for more than a century and offers a range which extends from centrifugal pumps through to high capacity fire fighting pumps.
Pumps may be belt driven, direct, close coupled to an auxiliary engine or driven by electric motors.
AZCUE pumps are manufactured in cast iron or manganese bronze and designed and manufactured to meet the needs of different industries including the marine industry, fire fighting, water treatment, irrigation, heating and ventilation, water supply and distribution, food and drink industry. Constant incorporation of the latest project design, production, quality control and data processing techniques ensure a product with an optimum quality-price ratio and reliability.

WaterMota supplies and supports boat builders and major shipping companies with spares and new pumps. Pumps are supplied to the fishing industry through to the international shipping industry.

The product range is regularly reviewed and expanded to meet changing requirements and in line with advances in technology. The latest project design, production, quality control and data processing techniques ensure a product with an optimum quality-price ratio and reliability. Modern and efficient production techniques are used to ensure high quality products are available within a short lead time. Products are competitively priced and WaterMota offers efficient technical and after sales support to assist with any queries both before and after supply.

Bombas Azcue

Bombas Azcue was established in 1910 with the aim of offering competitively priced, high quality pumps. The company designs and manufactures an extensive range of pumps for a wide range of applications and heat exchangers for water, oil, fuels, air, etc.

  • Pumps for general cooling services
  • Pumps for cooling the main engine, auxiliary engine and gear box by fresh or by sea water
  •  Pumps for circulation in condensers and generators
  •  Pumps for general services: examples include bilge pumps, ballast pumps, deck-flushing and fire fighting pumps
  •  Pumps for brine / seawater circulation and transfer
  •  Pumps for harbour and shipyard services
  •  Pumps for live bait maintenance and artificial rain
  •  Pumps for the transfer of fuels and carburetants
  •  Pumps for oil-lubrication of the main engine, auxiliary engine and/or gear box
  •  Emergency units for fire fighting
  •  Hydrophore units for fresh and sea water
  •  Heat exchangers for fresh water of the main engine or auxiliary engine
  •  Heat exchangers for oil of the main engine, auxiliary engine, gear box hydraulic units or winches
  •  Overfeed air coolers
  •  Pumps for Low Sulphur Gas Oil
  •  Fuel heaters

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