KC Ltd – Cathodic Protection and Antifouling

ICCP System – Impressed Current Cathodic Protection – Hull Antifouling

Using a combination of reference cells, anodes and a control and monitoring system we are able to help eliminate the formation of aggressive corrosion. The main feature of KC`s antifouling system is that it constantly monitors the electrical potential of the vessels hull to efficiently control the protective current through the anodes.

Internal Fouling on a vessel is caused by marine life (Mussels, Barnacles etc.) entering the vessels seawater pipework and causing partial or complete blockages, this can increase fuel consumption and in extreme cases affect the operation and safety of the vessel.


MGPS – Anti-fouling – Cathodic Protection

KC`s Antifouling system uses Copper, Aluminium and ferrous anodes with an electrical current to both eliminate the marine life and apply an anticorrosive coating to the inside of the pipework.

MGPS – Anti-fouling - Chlorination system

This system is designed to prevent the adhesion of marine growth using the chemical reaction of chlorine compounds and seawater. KC`s Chlorine generation system is highly efficient by using combination of Chlorine generating chambers to produce Hypochlorite, a control system to precisely control the levels of chlorine in the vessels pipework and a Monitoring system to ensure that the correct outputs are achieved a large sea going vessel can be completely free of internal fouling with very little maintenance.

Shaft Earthing – Corrosion Protection for shafts and Propellers

A propeller shaft and propeller become electrically insulated from a vessel by lubricating oil film from the tail shaft bearings. This causes an electrical potential between the vessel shaft and the rest of the ship which accelerates corrosion, this will happen even if the vessel has cathodic protection or an impressed current system. KC`s Shaft earthing system uses Silver graphite brushes with spring loaded brush holders, high quality silver slip rings and a monitoring system to ensure round the clock protection for the vessels stern gear.

KC Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers of Impressed Current Cathodic protection and supply to some of the largest Vessels and shipbuilders in the world including:


  • Shell
  • BP
  • British Gas
  • Clipper
  • Exxon Mobile
  • OOCL
  • Shipyards:

  • Hyundai Heavy Industries (South Korea)
  • DSME (South Korea)
  • Samsung Heavy Industries (South Korea)
  • Oshima shipbuilding (Japan)
  • Keppel shipyard Ltd (Singapore)
  • AKER Philadelphia Shipyard (USA)
  • Argem shipyard (Turkey)

      • Steve H
        Pump ordered yesterday, arrived DHL this morning. All good, great service thanks!
        Steve H
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        We would just like to say a massive thank you to everyone involved with the rebuild of our engine, it was a first-class job and the customer service and aftercare since the purchase of our engine from you really have been second to none. We will definitely be recommending you to our friends in the fishing industry and look forward to doing further business with you in the future. Thank you again for everything.
        Shaun Kay
        Serene Skye Fishing
      • We have been dealing with Watermota for the past 4 years. In that time, they have been very helpful to us. The knowledge of the range of products they sell is amazing. Their staff are effecient and friendly and give great advice over the phone to the skipper doing repairs in port. When you order the items, the staff make sure that the parts get sent out fast, this means less "downtime" for skippers and crew. We would not hesitate to recommend Watermota main office in the UK or their dealer in Northern Ireland, Mr. Garry Brown.
      • We are a small workboat builder in Hythe Southampton building vessels from 10 to 24m. We have always fitted Doosan engines to our vessels due to the robust nature of the engines. Watermota are our local Doosan dealer and we are very impressed with the service we gain from them. Watermota work closely with us to make sure the engines we fit to our vessel are the most appropriate for the vessel. Even through the design stage of the build they are very helpful and willing to give us advice on how to make sure that the engines have what they need. The engines are delivered to us on time, and if for some reason there is a delay they keep us aware of the new date. At the end of the build they come on board to help commission the engines to make sure they are running correctly. The whole prosses is very easy for us. After we hand the vessels over to the clients, Watermota are always happy to help them solve issues.
      • We have the peace of mind that Watermota will do their very best to help us and always pull out all of the stops, Top quality service!
      • James from Watermota called me back to tell me that the part would leave within 30 minutes and be driven directly to the vessel, he provided all of the carrier details as well as a contact number for the delivery driver and double checked that I had all of the parts needed to complete the repair, right down to the last bolt. We had the vessel back in service that night, which was exactly what we needed.
      • I rang Watermota at 13:30 explaining that the vessel needed to be back in service by 6am the next morning and the part was urgently required. After speaking to the Sales team and explaining the importance of the contract they did everything they could to help, from taking the part off a stock engine to arranging same day transport.
      • Our company operates a fleet of commercial fishing vessels based in the the south west. We have always received excellent service support for our Doosan engines from Watermota, planned maintenance or unscheduled repairs are always dealt with quickly and efficiently.
      • Just thought I’d drop you an email to say how happy I am with my engine packages. I took fuel for the first time this evening and after calculating our miles covered we came to an average consumption of 3.25 litres per mile at a cruising speed of 15 knots at 1800 rpm. This is far better than we expected, our old engines only gave us a cruise of 12knts for the same consumption. We’ve gone from 6L 185hp to 8L 230hp engines making the boat gain speed and reliability but without an increase in fuel consumption. Coupled with the fantastic customer service throughout the process and huge list of extras included in the package, Watermota/Doosan certainly come out on top. With many plans for more boats in the future, unless another company can top that they will all be Doosan powered.
      • I would like to thank you and all the team at Watermota for your recent help with a very large order I received and with a short lead time to get it completed. From receiving quotes promptly to processing the orders and organizing direct delivery to my client in a small time frame Watermota were always on hand to help nothing was too much trouble.
      • We have been using Watermota to provide us with Doosan engines for several years and their level of service and support exceed expectations.
      • It’s been a pleasure doing business with you, you’re all on the ball and always reply to our queries quickly which is very much appreciated.