D-I industrial are one of the leading Global manufacturers of single and twin, bow and stern thrusters for commercial vessels.

These high quality products are designed for efficiency and durability using tried and tested designs for maximum reliability.

Side thrusters are a type of propulsion system fitted either on the bow (front) and stern  (rear) of the ship. They are smaller in size when compared to the ship’s propeller and are designed to aid in manoeuvring the vessel at low speeds or give the ability to hold a position against wind or tide

Typical uses of these thrusters would be manoeuvring the vessel at slow speeds in environments where space around the vessel is limited such as harbour / ports or when the vessel requires additional power for ease of passage such as in strong currents or adverse winds.

The bow and stern thrusters are placed in the through-and-through tunnels which open at both sides of the ship. The thruster propels waster from one side and pushes it out at the other side of the vessel, thus moving the ship in the opposite direction, this can be operated in both the directions, i.e. port to starboard.

The thrusters are powered by hydraulic motors for delivery of instant torque to the propeller, this coupled with a proportional control valve means that they can be operated with the touch of a button for instant manoeuvring or in small blasts for most control over the vessels position.

  • Singe & Twin Propeller from 25 Hp
  • Integrated Power take off and thruster control panels
  • Danfoss Proportional valve control
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