Skipper Expo Galway, Ireland 2019 was a Great Success!

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March 8, 2019
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March 14, 2019

The recent Skipper Expo in Galway, Ireland was another great success for our Irish Watermota dealer, CHPM with Keith Booker from our team, supporting over the extremely busy two days.

The stand displayed a range of products from Doosan, D-I and JMP which generated huge interest and non-stop conversation. It was also a great opportunity to promote our new online shop which has JMP engine cooling pumps, impellers and spare parts.

Keith Booker, Watermota’s General Manager, said: “We were happy to support our dealer at this fantastic show. It was great to meet our existing customers as well as new ones. As usual, we received excellent feedback on our reputable products and services. Several people made a point of praising our Watermota sales team on excellent customer service and exceeding expectations.”

Several positive enquiries for Doosan engines, D-I packages as well as JMP and Azcue pump solutions were received and confirmed. This has been a worthwhile show to attend for our dealers and we look forward to next year.



Come and see us next time at Skipper Expo Aberdeen 17th, 18th May where James Wyatt will be attending with our Watermota Scottish Dealers, MMS Scotland, Marine Diesel Services and MacDuff Diesels.

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