Rick Stein visits Edgecumbe Belle

Doosan IMO TIER 3 compliant engines update
January 19, 2022

Last week on Rick Stein’s programme ‘Cornwall’ he visited the Doosan powered Edgecumbe Belle which operates Cremyll Ferry service.


The Cremyll ferry service is the oldest established ferry service in the UK and dates back to the 11th century. Since 2017 the vessel has been powered by a Doosan marine engine and is operated in the hands of our long term customer, Plymouth Boat Trips who operate a fleet of Doosan powered passenger vessels.

The vessel is powered by our Doosan L136 engine which is renowned for its class leading reliability and fuel economy which delivers its power though a D-I Industrial DMT90A gearbox. The electrical system has been upgraded with additional engine and gearbox monitoring alongside dual skinned fuel lines and a fuel leakage alarm system.