Q&A with James Wyatt – Sales Manager

Watermota – supplying custom-made engine units to the marine industry
May 13, 2019
Q & A with Keith Booker – General Manager
May 31, 2019

As Watermota’s Sales Manager, James Wyatt is driving the company forward with continual year on year growth since he started in 2013.

Starting on the shop floor as a warehouse operative, James has worked his way up the business learning all aspects of the company. This knowledge base has enabled James to have a full understanding of the products and services which is reflected in his customer service and performance.

As a Sales Manager, James has several responsibilities including team performance, staff management and managing supplier relationships. This is a high profile position which requires several strengths and qualities, we ask James a few questions to find out more about his role.

You have been Sales Manager for 3 years now, what changes have you seen over those years?

There have been a lot of changes across all areas of the business, I would say most noticeably the shift in focus to our digital presence, investment in our premises and increased focus on both customer and supplier relationships to help sustain our growth.

You were only 24 when you started this position, did / do you have any challenges relating to your age?

I think I put more pressure on myself than anything else. Of course, there are always challenges when taking on any managerial role at a young age, not least establishing relationships and earning respect both within the industry and within the company. I think a lot of it comes down to mindset and willingness to learn aswell as proving you are organised and dependable.

Why did you join Watermota?

Truthfully I have always loved the Sea, even from a young age my grandad would take me fishing on his boat and it’s one of my fondest memories. When the position came up in a commercial marine environment, I was both intrigued and excited, once I had met the management team and seen their passion for success, I knew there was huge potential for the business to grow.

Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?

My goal is to become the Managing Director… can we keep that quiet from the current MD for the minute though!

What do you find the most difficult part of your job?

The most difficult part is managing multiple ongoing projects at the same time as I like to be close to the project to see it develop and assist where I can. However, with the recent increase in order quantities this can take up a lot of my time.

What do you enjoy the most?

I enjoy working closely with the customer and helping a project come from its inception to a working solution, there is nothing better than that in my opinion. Of course, working in a great team of experienced and passionate people makes coming to work even easier.

How do you want to see Watermota progress over the next five years?

I believe that in the future Watermota can become the leading supplier of propulsion packages to the small workboat market, with further investment in our team and a flourishing product range we are certainly looking at an exciting future.