News from our Service Department

WaterMota’s refurbishment brings a fresh look and room to grow
April 3, 2019
Introducing two new members to our Engineering Team
April 30, 2019

The service department and workshops are busy as usual.

This month the Service team have completed several projects including a scheduled on-site overhaul of a Doosan V12 engine. They have also carried out a cylinder head overhaul on a V8 propulsion engine, commissioned four new propulsion engines in three new vessels and carried out emergency repairs to a D-I reversing gearbox for one of our long standing customers.


The workshop Engineers are currently customising six 11 litre Doosan propulsion units and manufacturing three marine auxiliary generator sets along with preparing the first two new model Doosan 4L126TI propulsion engines for a long standing Doosan operator.

The workload has been increased through the recent expansion at our Devon head office.