JMP Upcycles Volvo Pump

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August 13, 2019
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September 10, 2019

Watermota are pleased to have completed a recent project that involved using JMP parts to upcycle a Volvo pump for a customer.

A customer required advice and options to replace a failed seawater pump on the Volvo D9. Following on from the discussion, they decided on a new JMP VP0090D item which was delivered the following day. They also confirmed using the in-house facility to strip and inspect the original Volvo seawater pump for report. Following on from inspection of the pump there were several issues identified, including: a failed mechanical seal; pitting to the bearing run surfaces on the shaft; and other age-related wear.

A full repair was requested with the main pump casing prepared and refreshment of the pump with JMP major repair kit components. The pump was returned to the customer for holding as spares.