Introducing our new global partner Flexball

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March 14, 2019
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April 3, 2019

Watermota are proud to introduce Flexball as their new global partner supplying our clients with industry leading electronic controls. Flexball have been providing one of the widest ranges of controls to the marine sector for over fifty years.

James Wyatt, Sales Manager, said, “We are extremely pleased to have partnered with Flexball. These controls can be perfectly matched to our range of Doosan engines due to their reliability and superior design. The systems are available for all types of engine from mechanical cable control to two and four wire canbus throttle control engines. On the gearbox side of things we can support mechanical and electric shift gearboxes with trolling function available on electronic shift gearboxes.”

All variants of control system can be configured with up to three control stations. The stations are constructed from polished stainless steel with led back lit indicator panel. This incorporates the sync, warm up and command selection functions. There is also facility for trolling function in handle. They are IP67 rated making them ideal for external stations and are supplied with protective cover for when not in use.

The actuator is IP54 rated in up to 90% relative humidity, so perfect for the marine engine compartment. Compatible with 33C cables and have manual override controls on the outside of the actuators on the mechanical control systems.

Full installation manuals are available in pdf, however it is a simple system to install. With competitive pricing, these systems prove far more cost effective than other popular alternatives.

For more information please visit our Flexball page or contact us on 01626 830910.